March 4, 2021

Categories: Recruiter

Irish employers say that attracting the right talent with the right skills remains the biggest challenge they faced in recruitment in 2021. The second biggest challenge for employers relates to a shortage of suitable applicants applying for their roles and competition from other employers a close third. Despite the many operational challenges of working remotely in 2020, hiring and onboarding new staff remotely is a major concern of businesses hiring today. This is also happening at a time when today’s market pressures call for a candidate-centric approach to recruiting.
At Tactical Talent, we advise our clients to adopt the practices below to ensure that they are snapping up the best candidates before their competitors.

Build a talent pool and keep candidates warm.

When we partner with companies to fill roles, often there will be an excellent candidate who didn’t get the role available at the time. However, hiring managers will often say that they would be interested in speaking to that person again when a suitable role comes up. We then can keep a strong relationship with that candidate and others with similar experience to ensure that they are part of the talent pool the next time a role comes up.
We love to strategically partner with our clients to build a talent pipeline, to reach out to passive candidates, and to understand where the skills gaps are in the business. That way, when a role becomes available, we can move very quickly on your behalf, the groundwork has been done, the candidate is already engaged and as a result, things move fast!

Streamline the candidate’s journey.

One of the biggest challenges we see in this market, is that candidates are quite often in the mix for another, or number of other roles. This often means that the company that moves the quickest is the successful one in getting the talent. 

We advise our clients to determine where their recruiting bottlenecks are: Is it taking the hiring manager a long time to get back to you? Do you leave a number of weeks between rounds of interviews? Is there a large number of decision makers in the process and it takes a lot of coordination to get a decision made? We encourage our clients to see where they can streamline their process, because in the current market, if you don’t move quickly, you lose the talent.

Be very clear, and keep it simple

Now, more than ever, potential employees value clarity and assurances. Times are tough and moving jobs is scary even for top talent. Be upfront in your job description, be clear about what the job is and the benefits and terms associated. At Tactical Talent, we take our time at the start to make sure that we really understand the role, the brand, the company, the team, the manager, and the terms and conditions. This means that when we send a shortlist of candidates to you, they know exactly the job, the team, the goals, the conditions so they’re bought in by the time they meet you. Being ambiguous about the role only leads to confusion, and in many cases an offer rejection which we hate to see. 

We can help you with your job description, we can advise you on the standard terms and conditions in the market, we can tell you what candidates are looking for. We want to make sure that when you meet our candidates, they are a very strong match for the role and that valuable time isn’t wasted. 

Furthermore, candidates appreciate the clarity, they value knowing exactly what they need to in order to make a decision. It reflects very well on a company and candidates love to get a real sense of what it is like to work somewhere, through the recruitment process.

So, at Tactical Talent we find that the companies that build a talent pool and think to the future, have a streamlined, quick process that makes it easy for candidates, and are clear about their requirements, have the best success in securing talent in 2021! Having a candidate-centric model will result in greater candidate engagement, lower time-to-fill, and a better conversion rate from interview to offer acceptance. 

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